Detail for ID 2

serverName: Anim Mouse Realism Server
description: <h1> Welcome to our server </h1> <hr /> This is Anim Mouse's Dark Multiplayer server hosted on Google Compute Engine at asia-east2 (Hong Kong). <hr /> We aim to be realistic as possible. Such us autonuke and autodekessler are disabled. <hr /> Also, we prefer and launch real life ships.
gamePort: 6702
protocolVersion: 53
programVersion: v0.3.3.1
maxPlayers: 20
modControl: 1
modControlSha: e08fdb77f33e85d8d9f5a0cd8666edbbf6046618fa6c37141ec9a134dbe4745f
gameMode: 0
cheats: 1
warpMode: 4
universeSize: 4522048
httpPort: 0
admin: AnimMouse
team: Anim Mouse
location: PH
fixedIP: 0
playersCount: 0

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